Fama Collection

Fama CollectionThe siege of Sarajevo is told through the experience of ordinary people – citizens of Sarajevo. Most of the recorded video testimonies were created during or immediately after the siege of Sarajevo. Video interviews were done with about 450 citizens of Sarajevo – politicians, doctors, children, generals, artists, journalists, educators, housewives, actors, innovators, ordinary citizens. Their personal testimonies were chronologically recorded, from March 1992 to March 1996. The material containing survey about survival `92-`96 is the first and only research conducted on the survival experience of ordinary citizens of Sarajevo during the siege. Questionnaires (31 standard questions) provide a unique insight into life and survival under siege according to the experience of 4,637 individuals from all urban neighborhoods and provide the possibility for a comparison.

Availability: http://www.famacollection.org/

Language: Bosnian, English

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Sarajevo’s War Surrealists

Sarajevski ratni nadrealisti During the siege of Sarajevo, former members of the popular TV show Top List of Surrealists gathered and initially broadcasted a radio program on Sarajevo Radio in 1992, and later performed stage plays for Sarajevo’s citizens during 1993 and 1994. The stage plays consisted of sketches and parodies on the subject of daily life under siege.
During 1994, a TV series Surrealist Top List was recorded, in which these sketches were screened. The humorous presentation of the everyday lives of people in besieged Sarajevo was a way to preserve the spirit of the city.

Availability: online

Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

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Sarajevo Romeo and Juliet

Sarajevo Romeo and Juliet A documentary made by PBS television in 1994 about the death of Boško Brkić and Admira Ismić. They were both from Sarajevo, she was a Bosniak, and he was a Serb, but their love was stronger than all the national obstacles, so they were called Sarajevo’s Romeo and Juliet.

They were killed on May 19, 1993, when they tried to escape from the besieged Sarajevo through the Vrbanja bridge into the territory controlled by Serb forces in Grbavica. The film contains numerous recordings from the period of war in 1994 when the siege of Sarajevo was ongoing, as well as the testimonies of the families and friends of Boško and Admira.

PBS television, 1994 directed by John Zaricki, duration 1.28 min.

Availability: online

Language: English

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Do you remember Sarajevo?

Sjećaš li se Sarajeva“Do you remember Sarajevo” is a film made from amateur video works by brothers Sead and Nihad Kreševljaković and Nedim Alikadić. The film shows everyday life of Sarajevo citizens during the siege. The film was finalized in 2002.

Availability: online

Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English

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War of memories. Research on places of sufferings and memories of the war in BiH

The publication was created as part of the project “War memorials in BiH (since 1991)”. The aim was to explore the politics of remembering and culture of remembrance in BiH on all three sides.

A total of 85 monuments were photographed. Alongside the photo, provided is also the basic information about the monument; to whom the monument was erected, its location; dimensions; literally translated text from the monument; on whose request it was raised; its purpose today.

Availability: https://nenasilje.org/publikacije/pdf/Rat_sjecanja.pdf

Language: Bosnian, Serbian

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Zetra – days of Hope

The memories of ordinary people of the Peace Movement and of the Peace Concert held in July 1991 in the Zetra Hall in Sarajevo. Today, 25 years later, how do they look at the movement and events that preceded the breakup of the country? A total of 38 short videos about the views of ordinary people who resisted the war and the collapse of the country. The author tries to tell the story of how the war nevertheless happened, although so many people were against it. Also expressed is a tendency not to forget the Jutel Peace Concert, which was the culmination of the peace movement.


Language: Croatian, Serbian, German

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Srđo – A documentary

A film about Srđan Aleksić, a young man from Trebinje, member of the Republika Srpska Army who was killed by members of the same army in Trebinje in 1993 because he defended a fellow citizen.

Language: Serbian

Availability: online

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Lessons from the ’91.

The Traveling Exhibition (2016 – 2017) “Lessons from the ’91” is the project of the Society for European Consciousness in Maribor, whose partners are Foto Club Maribor, the International Photography Festival Organ Vida and the Photo Association of Serbia. The exhibition contains war photographs (over 150), of photographers (34) from the territory of the former Yugoslavia, including several international authors. The exhibition displays war years, starting from events in Slovenia, through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Exposed photographs include topics: refugees, children, victims, soldiers and events: shelling of Dubrovnik, fall of Vukovar and siege of Sarajevo.

Language: bosnian, montenegrian, serbian

Availability: workshop

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