Boris Dežulović – “Fuck now a thousand dinars”

The action takes place in one day, from morning till dusk on Sunday, August 29, 1993, and the entire plot is based on a sort of comedy of confusion – the Bosniak and Croatian diversion platoon on the positions around Muzafer’s house came to a great and, as it turns out , “original” idea for wearing uniforms of the enemy for the purpose of a secret task, which leads to double confusion as soon as they find out about each other, because it brings in total disorder to undoubtedly the most important thing in a war – who is on “our” side and who is on “their” side. But before by the end of the day they make a strategy about what to do with each other and whether it should be trusted to the uniforms, six Croats and as many Bosniak soldiers not only point to the absurdity of the situation in which one group of soldiers positioned on the cemeteries, and the other group by the tower, fixedly look at soldiers whose uniforms appear to be “ours” when in fact they are “theirs”, but while they are waiting, they also go through their private stories from the past, through which each person is described in more detail regarding character, but also placed in a common context of the past. And in this context, the context of similar conditions, times and idols of growing up, intertwining and touching, their current position becomes even more meaningless.


Language: Croatian

Key words: anti-war campaign Bosnia and Herzegovina camps Croatia Culture of Remembrance documentary Dubrovnik Everyday Life during the War Exhibition Facing the Past Franjo Tudjman historical source Human Rights Violation International Community Knin Kosovo Literature Mass Suffering Montenegro movie museum Naser Oric Nationalism Operation Flash Operation Storm Places of Suffering Primary School propaganda public representation of war Radovan Karadzic Ratko Mladic refugees Sarajevo Secondary School Serbia SFRY Slobodan Milosevic Stjepan Mesic Teacher Material teaching history The Hague Tribunal Victims of War War Crimes web portal Yugoslav People's Army