Crimes in front of the eyes of the tribunal: Central Bosnia

“Crimes in front of the eyes of the tribunal: Central Bosnia” deals with some of the gravest crimes committed against civilians during the Croatian-Muslim conflict in central Bosnia from the beginning of 1993 to the beginning of 1994. Investigation of the alleged crimes committed by both sides in the conflict, began while the conflict was ongoing, and led to the raising of some of the first indictments of the International Tribunal. The film depicts the original footage from 1993 that shows the mass sufferings and crimes committed in Stupni Dol and Ahmici by Croatian forces against the Muslim population. The film also shows the crimes of Muslim forces against the Croatian civilian population in Bikos and Uzdol, as well as Serb soldiers in the camps of Kamenica and Livade. The film also deals with the issue of the participation of mujahedin in committed crimes.
The film depicts footage made by the UN when entering the destroyed villages, which was later used as evidence.
Interviews of investigators and the process of gathering evidence, testimonies in court and convictions for war crimes before the tribunal.

The film is part of a series of documentaries prepared by the ICTY.


Language: English (with local subtitles)

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