Fall of the Krajina

Filip Svarm’s documentary from 2007 gives an impression of the war in the Krajina, as well as the political and military details of fall of Krajina and subsequent exodus of the Serbian population. The film highlights the development of relations between Serbs in Croatia and the Croatian authorities since 1990 until the Operation Storm and the persecution of Serbs from Croatia in August 1995. The film follows events from the establishment of the autonomous Serb region in Croatia, in places with Serb majority populations.
Executive Production: Time Movie

Availability: online

Language: Serbian

Key words: anti-war campaign Bosnia and Herzegovina camps Croatia Culture of Remembrance documentary Dubrovnik Everyday Life during the War Exhibition Facing the Past Franjo Tudjman historical source Human Rights Violation International Community Knin Kosovo Literature Mass Suffering Montenegro movie museum Naser Oric Nationalism Operation Flash Operation Storm Places of Suffering Primary School propaganda public representation of war Radovan Karadzic Ratko Mladic refugees Sarajevo Secondary School Serbia SFRY Slobodan Milosevic Stjepan Mesic Teacher Material teaching history The Hague Tribunal Victims of War War Crimes web portal Yugoslav People's Army