“Batajnica Initiative for a Memorial”, web portal of the Humanitarian Law Center

The “Batajnica Initiative for a Memorial” is a web project of the Fund for Humanitarian Law, with the aim of establishing a memorial center in the area where mass graves were discovered in which bodies of Albanians from Kosovo were deposited. In Batajnica tombs, the remains of 700 victims of crimes were committed in several places in Kosovo during 1999. The exhumations in Batajnica began in 2001. In two verdicts of the ICTY, the responsibility of the highest Serbian police officials in the cover-up of crimes has been established.

Availability: http://www.batajnicamemorialinitiative.org/sr/inicijativa

Language: Serbian

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Memory on the move – a pedagogical tool on the culture of remembrance

Workshops prepared for working with students aged 15+ years. It also includes short films.

The manual is structured as an interactive teaching tool for teachers and professors who work with participants aged 15 to 25, and includes:

  • thematic modules on culture of remembrance,
  • units for work with pupils and students,
  • short and documentary films,
  • didactic cards (for working with workshop participants) with pictures of the monuments and memorials of the Western Balkans,
  • a catalog of monuments of the Western Balkans called MOnuMENTI,
  • selection of relevant resource material for education about culture of remembrance.

Availability: online

Language: Bosnian, Serbian, English

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Suppression of history and remembrance

An interactive narrative “Suppression of history and remembrance” (2016) produced by the Center for Transitional Justice SENSE, is dedicated to the destruction of cultural heritage during the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo in the 1990s. Each narrative segment consists of an introductory section, a video report and a list of documents and a selection of evidence, with about 250 key documents, videos, and photographs. The interactive narrative “Suppression of history and remembrance” is divided into six segments: Dubrovnik Old Town, Sarajevo CIty Hall, Mostar Old Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Unprosecuted Cases.

Availability: http://www.heritage.sense-agency.com/

Language: Serbian

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War of memories. Research on places of sufferings and memories of the war in BiH

The publication was created as part of the project “War memorials in BiH (since 1991)”. The aim was to explore the politics of remembering and culture of remembrance in BiH on all three sides.

A total of 85 monuments were photographed. Alongside the photo, provided is also the basic information about the monument; to whom the monument was erected, its location; dimensions; literally translated text from the monument; on whose request it was raised; its purpose today.

Availability: https://nenasilje.org/publikacije/pdf/Rat_sjecanja.pdf

Language: Bosnian, Serbian

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