Fall of the Krajina

Filip Svarm’s documentary from 2007 gives an impression of the war in the Krajina, as well as the political and military details of fall of Krajina and subsequent exodus of the Serbian population. The film highlights the development of relations between Serbs in Croatia and the Croatian authorities since 1990 until the Operation Storm and the persecution of Serbs from Croatia in August 1995. The film follows events from the establishment of the autonomous Serb region in Croatia, in places with Serb majority populations.
Executive Production: Time Movie

Availability: online

Language: Serbian

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Storm in The Hague

“Storm in The Hague” (2015) is an interactive narrative produced by the SENSE Center for Transitional Justice (Pula) and the Serbian National Council (SNV) in cooperation with Document – the Center for dealing with the past.

The interactive narrative contains documentary audio and visual material, authentic military, government and political documents from that time.

Availability: https://snv.hr/oluja-u-haagu/

Language: Croatian, Serbian, English

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“Tudjman, Milosevic: A War Agreement”?

Documentary dealing with relations between Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and Croatian President Franjo Tudjman. It is based on the testimonies of the most prominent Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Bosnian politicians of that time.

The second part of the documentary is about the situation on the ground, namely, it answers the question of whether the 1991 agreement is seen in the war conflicts between the Serbs and Croats that followed.
Author of the film is Slađana Zarić. It was produced by RTS.

Availability: online – part I and part II

Language: Serbian

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Yugoslavia – a country that has died

Publication written in a style of popular science, using archive sources and historical material, as well as quoting the main actors of the “Yugoslav drama” (1974-1990). The author Dejan Jović explains to the readers ideological, economic, ethnic, cultural, legal and other reasons why Yugoslavia, as an ideological creation, died out.

Availability: Dejan Jović; Jugoslavija – Država koja je odumrla, uspon, kriza i pad Kardeljeve Jugoslavije, 1974-1990;  Prometej, Zagreb, 2003.

Language: Serbian

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The Death of Yugoslavia

Documentary series of six episodes, produced by the BBC in 1995. The series includes the period of breakup of Yugoslavia, as well as the wars that were conducted in this area.

Availability: online

Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian, English

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Knin fell in Belgrade

In the book “Knin fell in Belgrade”, the author, who was also JNA General, is trying to assess the tragedy of Serbs from August 1995 in the context of the existence and destruction of the SFRY. Among other things, he is accusing the Serbian leadership in Belgrade is accusing for the suffering in that area. The author is also of the opinion that from all possible solutions, the Krajina army leadership has chosen the worst option.

Availability: Milisav Sekulić, Knin je pao u Beogradu, Nidda Verlag, Bad Vilbel, 2000.

Language: Bosnian

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Feature History – Fall of Yugoslavia

Feature History presents a youtube channel, in which in 10 minutes authors try to present, through graphics and animation, complex historical events in a simple way. The disintegration and war on the territory of the former Yugoslavia was presented in two segments, from 10 and 7 minutes, and is one of the most complete and yet the simplest reviews of this historical process.

Availability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mxJjstwqMk 

Language: English

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Homeland War

The exhibition in its introductory part presents the reflection of the Homeland War 20 years later in the Croatian everyday-life as well as memories of the participants. In the central part of the exhibition a chronological-thematic presentation of the Homeland War is displayed. The last part of the exhibition represents a kind of homage to all those who participated in the war and gave their lives for the homeland.
Exhibition parts:
Prologue: Homeland War 20 Years Later
I. Breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the path of Croatia towards independence
II. Srbian rebellion in Croatia
III. Aggression, defense and warfare suffering
IV. Between action and diplomacy
V. Liberation and peaceful reintegration
Epilogue: In memoriam

Availability: http://www.hismus.hr/hr/izlozbe/arhiva-izlozbi/domovinski-rat/

Language: Croatian

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