War photo Limited

War photo Limited is a web portal containing war photographs of war photographers exhibited in the War Photo Gallery in Dubrovnik.
Photographs were taken during the wars of the 1990s in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and were divided into segments: Eastern Mostar, Under siege: Dubrovnik 1991. Broken lights of Yugoslavia, Enclaves, Bosnians, Blood and Honey, Decade of War, Srebrenica 11/7/1995.

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Lessons from the ’91.

The Traveling Exhibition (2016 – 2017) “Lessons from the ’91” is the project of the Society for European Consciousness in Maribor, whose partners are Foto Club Maribor, the International Photography Festival Organ Vida and the Photo Association of Serbia. The exhibition contains war photographs (over 150), of photographers (34) from the territory of the former Yugoslavia, including several international authors. The exhibition displays war years, starting from events in Slovenia, through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Exposed photographs include topics: refugees, children, victims, soldiers and events: shelling of Dubrovnik, fall of Vukovar and siege of Sarajevo.

Language: bosnian, montenegrian, serbian

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