War(s) in pictures

A pedagogical tool about teaching war conflicts in the area former Yugoslavia.

How were the wars of the 1990s marked in visual historical sources?

Authors: Bojana Dujković Blagojević (EUROCLIO HIP BIH),  Nataša Kostić                                       (UDI-EUROCLIO).

War(s) in pictures is a pedagogical tool intended for teaching about wars  and  points to one of the models of how it would be possible to teach about about the 1990s conflicts in the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Key question of the new workshop are:

  • Strengthening the teachers’ competences to approach the process of teaching history of 1990s wars in the area of former Yugoslavia by analyzing visual historical solurces.
  • Encourage teachers to critical review of visual historical sources about the 1990s wars in the area of former Yugoslavia.
  • Enabling teachers to promote dialogue and reinstate peaceful relations through deconstructing the prejudices and stereotypes.
  • Encourage teachers to give their contribution infacing the past of 1990s wars in the area of former Yugoslavia.

Participants will be trained to analyze visual historical sources using multiperspective method, to ask questions about them, collect data based on the source, organize them, perform analysis and synthesis of obtained data, compare them and draw conclusions.

Historical sources / photos are used with the consent of Sandra Vitaljić curator of the exhibition “Lessons of ’91.” аnd the Center for Nonviolent Action in the context of the “Culture of remembrance.”